Samples of My Work

Fiction Editor:

May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'BOTH SIDES OF THE BORDER TERRY OVERTON BOTH SIDES OFTHE BORDER TERRY OVERTON Gulf Mekie FIREBIRD BOOK AW ARD WINNER ብ SPEAKUP TALKRADIO Winner of the Firebird Book Award Cross-genre Socio-Political Fiction Women's Fiction AMBASSADOR NINTERNATIONAL' New Wine Transportation Company: A Springville Story (Springville Stories) by [Heather Norman Smith]

An Unpresentable Glory    49676398_551069545372113_5249504780895649792_o    Final Grains of Sand          Forever Home: Amish Dreams on Prince Edward Island, Book 1The Christmas Visitor: An Amish Dreams on Prince Edward Island NovellaBreathing On Her OwnClear ConfusionAlabama Days: A Southern SagaWhere I Was PlantedThe Sword in His Hand  Memories of Lasting Shadows A Spiral Into Marvelous Light When Waves Break  War-Torn Heart

Nonfiction Editor:


Five Minutes to Impact    Step 13    Led by the Light    52 Conversations to Have With Your Teen        Theology from the Spring    The Sex Spiral        UnTrapped  Journey On: Through this Shadowed Valley  Political Correctness Does More Harm Than Good: How to Identify, Debunk, and Dismantle Dangerous Ideas   May be an image of book and text that says 'Shining a Light on Exemplary Christian Books HLLUNAWARDS BOOK 2021 BRONZE MEDAL WINNER THEOLOGY NO No HalfTruths Allowed: Gospel Message Understanding the Complete half-truths by Christine Paxson & Rose Spiller Ambassador International & UNDERSTANDING GOSPEL ALLOWED COMPLETE THE MESSAGE & CHRISTINE ROSE SPILLER PAXSON'

The Life She Once Knew: The Incredible True Story of Queena, The Bloomingdale Library Attack Survivor May be an image of text that says 'SEMI-FINALIST 2021 ROYAL PALM LITERARY AWARD COMPETITION FIWA LORDA WEETERS MOCN' 


Children/Young Adult Editor:

May be an image of text that says 'ÎN Pinnacle Book Achievement Award' May be an image of text that says 'WINNER EXTGENERATIO EXT AWARDS BOOK'

Loving Grace

  Fraidy Brady and the First Field Trip Fraidy Brady Visits the Fire Station  

May be a cartoon of text that says 'Oddball Ornaments The Story Christmas Oddballs Wins Awards! Excited to announce Oddball Ornaments won the Firebird Book Award in three categories: Holiday, Children's Religion, and Seasonal! What a blessing!' May be an image of fire and text that says 'FIREBIRD BOOK AW ARD WINNER SPEAKUP SPE AK TALKRADIO TALK RADIO'